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TecnologiaHechaPalabra.com (THP.com.ve or WordOnTech.com) (also in tecnologia.tv) is an on line collaborative multimedia initiative, directed to Spanish speaking ibero-american audiences interested in science and technology, where several organizations of the civil society (1) and specialists (2) in different areas from the scientific and technological areas contribute with organizational resources and content.

THP tries to publish easily readable news and information on Science, Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Health and Technologies for Entertainment. For this purpose we generate our own content and use information from 150 portals which have sent special authorizations for THP.

We call THP a portal of web sites, since it forms a community of specialized portals, with a similar structure and ‘look and feel' to facilitate navigation.

The web sites included in the THP ‘macro-portal’ are:
THP includes also special mini-portals like TecnologíaAlInstante.net (instant daily news), NuevoProducto.net (new products), GENESISyTecnologia.com (history of ICT), TecnologíaParaTodos.net (easy explanations of different technologies), GlosarioTecnico.com (tech. vocabulary), MejoresWeb.net (recommended web pages) and other services. Especially remarkable is our collection of multimedia archives in www.tecnologiahechapalabra.com/archivo/.

(1) THP enjoys the institutional support of civil society organizations like: Asociación Venezolana para el Avance de la Ciencia (Association for the Advancement of Science-ASOVAC), Fundación Venezolana para el Avance de la Ciencia (Foundation for the Advancement of Science-FUNDAVAC), Cámara Venezolana de Comercio Electrónico (Chamber of e-commerce-CAVECOM-e), Cámara Venezolana de Tecnologías de Información (Chamber of ITC-CAVEDATOS), Fundación para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Foundation for Sustainable Development-FUNDES), Asociación Racional Venezuela (Rational Association-AREV), Academia Nacional de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones (National Academy of ICT-ANTIC), World Summit Award Venezuela (WSA Venezuela), Observatorio Nacional de Tecnologías de Información (National IT Observatory-ONTI) and the Internet Society Venezuela (ISOC Venezuela).

It also has the support of respected private organizations like Computerworld Venezuela (Computerworld newspaper), Record Report, VANTIC, the Circuito Radial Triple F (Triple F Radio Network) and the Instituto de Neurología y Neurociencias Aplicadas (Institute of Neurology and Neurosciences).

(2) The above listed organizations appointed specialists to coordinate each portal in THP. Those are: Alfredo Avella with Jesus Pineda for ASOVAC and FUNDAVAC and Samy Rozenbaum for AREV in Science. Ana Barrientos and Carlos Rayban for RecordReport and Demian Ramos in Entertainment. Libia Berbesi for FUNDES and Mariam Larrazabal for Cavecom-e in Business. Geraldine Siso for CAVEDATOS, together with Froilan Fernandez and Julio Cesar Alcubilla in IT. Isaac Mosquera in Health. Fran Monroy in Telecommunications. Ruth Capriles in Social Sciences. Peter Cernik (CAVEDATOS, ISOC, WSA) as general coordinator with the assistance of his daughter Patricia.

Together with Peter, Estudio Pro take care of the development and technical maintenance of the portal.

Daycohost provides hosting.

65 domains direct the visitors to the different portals in THP.

THP has also a radio program, broadcasted daily from 95.5 FM in Caracas at 21:00 local time (01:30 GMT).

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